At Empaura, our mission is to empower women by celebrating their individuality, fostering sexual confidence, and promoting self-love through the creation and delivery of innovative, safe, and empowering intimate products.
Empaura have proudly partnered with Safeline, a specialist charity that works to prevent sexual violence and abuse, supporting those affected to cope and recover. For every adult toy purchased, £1 will be donated to Safeline. 


We are dedicated to:

Empowering Women: We strive to empower women by providing them with the tools and knowledge to explore and embrace their own desires, preferences, and sensuality without shame or judgment.

Inclusivity and Diversity: We believe in celebrating the diversity of women's desires, body types, orientations, and identities, and we are dedicated to creating products that cater to all.

Education and Awareness: We are committed to promoting sexual health and well-being by offering educational resources, information, and fostering open conversations about intimacy.

Safe and Ethical Products: Our priority is to provide women with high-quality, body-safe, and ethically sourced products that enhance their pleasure and promote well-being.

Privacy and Discretion: We respect and protect our customers' privacy, ensuring discreet and confidential shopping experiences.

Sustainability: We actively work to reduce our environmental footprint, making sustainable choices in our materials, packaging, and manufacturing processes.

Philanthropy: We proudly support Safeline, a charity dedicated to women's health, empowerment, and well-being.

 We are committed to helping women discover their own paths to sexual empowerment and self-love, free from judgment, stigma, or societal constraints. Together, we're redefining the narrative of intimacy and championing women's right to explore their desires with confidence, respect, and joy.

We are so pleased to have you here and we look forward to you feeling good at your own leisure.